From Here Until Tomorrow

Annika Connor

From Here Until Tomorrow

Conjuring extraordinary scenes of visual decadence, Annika Connor's paintings reflect her continued fascination with moments of extreme beauty in our contemporary world. In shimmering, radiant jewel-tones, her watercolors invite the viewer into everyday but exceptional encounters - through sun-dappled forests, past daffodil-strewn fields, across a neighbor's deserted yard and into a maze of rococo interiors. Her compositions present the complex dichotomy of the nature morte or vanitas: reinforcing the transience of beauty and life, and simultaneously, promising to capture it for the viewer forever. 


In 2002, Annika Connor received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied painting and philosophy. Since then, Connor has worked professionally as a painter in New York and London and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Her paintings are included in collections in Canada, France, Italy, London, Russia, Sweden, Spain, U.S. and the West Indies. 


Connor's work has appeared in many Internet and local publications, most recently From Here Until Tomorrow, her 2008 catalogue published by AI Productions, New York, NY. 


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