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San Francisco Creative Conversations: Active Ideas Art Talk

  • General Assembly 225 Bush Street, 5th Floor (East Entrance) San Francisco , CA 94104 (map)

Join Active Ideas Productions and General Assembly for a creative conversation on contemporary art. Meet with artist Annika Connor as she discusses AIP’s newest publication Point Suite Contemporary Art.

The Point Suite Contemporary Art book highlights the work of 34 rising art starts and captures the conversation of the creative class in a new in-depth examination of what’s happening today in the emerging arts community.

The evening’s discussion will start with a brief presentation, projecting some of the art featured in the book, and be followed by a fireside chat exploring what pressing issues are facing artists today.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • How can artists and entrepreneurs link together to engage the imagination both inside and out of the traditional art world?

  • A DIY arts movement is sweeping across the art world, in what way can this be more effectively done?

  • In a time when consumption of content has primarily moved to digital realm, why has a group of artists moved back to the traditional book format?

We hope these talks will spark new ideas on how we can work together to engage the artistic imagination while shedding some light upon the issues surrounding art, publishing, and technology today.

Signed copies of Point Suite will be available for the $35 at this event. Advanced purchase of the book may be ordered on Amazon at:

This event is free, but please RSVP at:



About the Speaker

Annika Connor

Annika Connor is a Contemporary Romantic painter. Her work depicts the joy of daily life in New York. Her paintings show a sense of haunted mystery and a fascination with beauty. Overall, her paintings read as fragments from a daydream and portray a longing for lost fantasy and abundant pleasure.

Connor has worked professionally as a painter in New York, London, Stockholm and participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. Annika is Swedish-American; she currently resides in Brooklyn where she maintains an active studio.

In addition to her work in the studio, Connor is also heavily involved in sustaining the art community in which she creates. As a supporter of the art she admires, Connor is the Owner/President of Active Ideas Productions whose mission is to serve the artistic community by giving a platform to the arts in order to amplify the voice of the emerging creative class.

For more about Annika Connor and her work please visit